Annie BaNannie 7/28/2018
Doug Mueller helped me find just the right “cute” car that would fit all my needs and my new commute to work! My last three cars were purchased here.

double vision 7/24/2018
Doug Mueller was very helpful and kind. He explained everything I was signing and helped me understand how my new car worked.

Jeri Patti 7/24/2018
Kelvin was fantastic! We got exactly what we asked for and were treated very well. I totally recommend Rolling Hills Toyota. Ask for Kelvin

Detra Braymen 7/20/2018
We just purchased a new to us vehicle with the help of Bruce Mouncey and the crew at Rolling Hills Auto. We went with the intentions of "just looking" at the Nissan Rogues on the lot and came home later that day with our 2017! I can't say anything but the very best! To Bruce, service and finance crew.....you made our experience one of a kind!!

Aron Eaker 7/11/2018
Go see Kelvin and his whole group they are great! They relay make you comfortable and I never felt pressured. They also beat all the other dealers prices. It was fast easy and friendly!

Andi Brown 7/11/2018
My first experiences with Rolling Hills were with Josh in Honda service. He is awesome...so friendly and helpful! Because of these positive interactions, my husband and I decided to shop there for our new vehicle. Glad we did! Our salesman, Matt Banks, was wonderful...very kind, patient, and friendly! He has even gone above and beyond after the purchase of our vehicle. Thanks to these two guys, Rolling Hills has earned our business!

Brandi Hewins 6/24/2018
Great Experience! Love our “new to us” Honda Pilot. Kelvin was great to work with!

Anna Beck Zeck 6/11/2018
Excellent selection of cars, friendly and laid back atmosphere, and an exceptional team of people make the car buying experience enjoyable and easy! HIGHLY recommend Rolling Hills!

Erin Woody 5/11/2018
Let me start off by saying that I am in my late 40's, female and newly divorced, and I have always purchase vehicles with cash...never at a dealership, because the one time I went I felt like I was being picked over like road kill and they where the buzzards... I was moving 1100 miles, towing a 12' enclosed trailer and the timing belt broke on my Honda Pilot half way to my destination. When the shop that it (and the trailer, too) was towed to could not even communicate with it by scanner, they suggested I take it to a dealership. OH NO! I made an appointment, scheduled another tow of ALL of the wheels I had on the ground an hauled it to Rollin Hills Auto Plaza. Well, I think someone was looking out for me, because it wasn't the dealership that I had made the appointment with AND I AM SO VERY GRATEFUL!!! Mario Gutierrez, my sales person (after I got the bad news!) was so awesome! In fact, everyone in that place puts you at ease, no pressure. Just 110% Wholesome, old fashioned REAL customer service that you don't expect from any where anymore. Especially a car dealership. Mario was so patient, so helpful, and answered all of my questions (even what I thought where the stupid ones) with the knowledge that made me feel safe to continue with the deal! SUPER MARIO!!! He stayed by me through out the entire ordeal. No joke! He even went with me to the place to look at the hitch...(even though they couldn't help me...and that's another story!). Thank you Rolling Hills for bringing back true CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would also truly like to thank Sloan, Jeremy and Danny for going above and beyond. Please keep doing what you do! It is appreciated! Erin now safe in Wisconsin!

Dylan Simpson 5/11/2018
Mario was absolutely wonderful! First time buying a car myself, and he helped me every step of the way. Answered every question I had and if he didn’t know he got someone who did. Very professional, yet relaxed and easy experience. Loving my ‘18 Corolla. Thanks Mario!

Molly Ebinger 4/18/2018
My husband and I recently purchased a new Tacoma here with the help of Kelvin and we drove away with the exact truck we wanted within the morning! It was a very informative, efficient, and positive experience. This is the 3rd new Toyota my husband and I have purchased together, the 1st time at this dealership, and this was the best experience yet.

Wes Comer 4/1/2018
Talked to Mario and he helped my oldest to buy his first car. Had a great time and during the purchasing and driving other cars he let me test drive the 12 charger stack pac. Had a great time. This is our 2nd purchase from rolling hills. We will definitely be back for our next purchase. Thanx rolling hills and Mario!